Cedar City Workforce

What many people miss is the quality of Cedar City’s workforce. We just had 1,200 applications for 55 jobs in Cedar City, Utah. This demonstrates a workforce that not only is willing to work, but wants to work. The Cedar City workforce has proven productive and intelligent and has demonstrated the ability to go the extra mile. They are superior to their neighboring states and excel in every category.

Cedar City is home to Southern Utah University (SUU). The school offers many different programs for Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. People of the region look to SUU for skill development opportunities, major academic specialties, outreach services, cultural and athletic activities, economic and business development and regional archives. With more than 11,000 students, SUU has become one of Southern Utah’s most productive universities and have developed specific coursework for local businesses.

Southwest Technical College (STech) is located in Cedar City. This applied technology college campus provides opportunities for high-quality statewide open-entry, open-exit, competency-based education. Southwest Tech has a current enrollment of more than 3,000 students and 20 accredited programs. They also currently have a dual enrollment program with SUU.

Southernutahhelpwanted.com has 25,017 registered users looking for work or looking to upgrade their current employment status.

The Cedar City Utah workforce has satisfied the needs of every employer that has entered our market.

99,253 Skilled Workforce Personnel in Cedar City Utah (within 40 Minute Drive)
Iron County: 22,357
Kane County: 3,283
Garfield County: 4,872
Beaver County: 2,319
Washington County: 66,422