Type of Industry Served

Port 15 Utah is a convergence of commerce. The businesses served in this park can range from office users and high-tech enterprises to rail-served manufacturers and warehouses, with restrictive covenants that mesh the different industrial types so that they have a common appearance.

Section 1 – Business & Technology:

This section is designed for companies that need pure office space. All buildings will be Class B Office Space made of concrete tilt-up with a dark reflective glass (see CC&R’s). These buildings will allow large office users to have consistency in park design and keep the value of their facility high. Companies that can utilize this space are insurance companies, medical billing, high tech, software, business services, engineering firms, call centers, and other intense office users. Incidental retail or retail that is related to the companies within the park is also allowed. Business and Technology services can have one of our Approved Contractors give them information about having a facility built to suit or leases available.

Section 2 – Commercial

This section will also utilize the concrete tilt-up with dark reflective glass, but companies here can have a limited fulfillment area or warehousing section in the back of their building (see CC&R’s). This space will accommodate the nutritional supplement companies, biotech, high tech hardware companies, software fulfillment, logistics companies, and others that have a high office use with some fulfillment needs.

Section 3 – Industrial & Transportation

This area is specifically designed for manufacturing, warehousing, trucking, and other companies that need larger space. The buildings in this area can utilize a metal structure (see CC&R’s), but must have an architectural designed front that utilizes masonry or concrete. This area will still have continuity with the front sections and all companies are required to store items in the back of their property, hidden from the roads.