CCRs & Other Materials

This page contains important information that will allow you access to the CCRs that govern Port 15 Utah, an example of an soils report and other documentation that is relevant to your site in Port 15 Utah.

Port 15 Utah’s CCRs are in place to ensure that your company’s investment in this industrial park is recognized as an important contribution to our community. Currently, Port 15 Utah has designed the CCRs to recognize Cedar City’s building requirements and add those items that will allow your company to thrive in a well-maintained business park so your clients can visit your plant and be impressed with its surroundings. If you have any questions, please contact us at (435) 865-3870 and we will gladly assist you in these matters.

Special Conditions

All special conditions must be approved by the Port 15 Utah Port Authority. The entire purpose of the CC&R’s in Port 15 Utah is to allow the individual owners the assurance that their property will retain and grow in value, because all business will meet these standards. With that said, we know from time to time unique businesses have unique circumstances that need to be reviewed. The Port Authority will make sure that these requests do not compromise the CCR’s, the quality or the intent of Port 15 Utah.

Port 15 Utah CCRs

Soils Report