Available Services in Cedar City, UT

Founded in 1851, Cedar City, UT has the available services necessary to run your business. Cedar City is a very energetic and cultured location that values education and progress. Only 2 1/2 hours north of Las Vegas and 3 1/2 hours south of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15, one will discover a unique small city complete with world-renowned theatricals, astounding beauty, and unbelievable outdoor recreation. Cedar City has available services that will meet your business and family needs. These available services include education, business resources, local and state government, and all of your other needs are available in our community.

But it is more than just a great place to live. Cedar City and the surrounding communities that support this area believe in hard work and not interfering with your business. It is a place where work is instilled at an early age and the local industries and businesses are an important part of our community. That is why Port 15 Utah was set up in the first place. We are offering you a low cost, full utility, incredible labor force, and fast permitting business site that will save your company money over the lifetime of your business.