Every project is unique, and so are the incentives and tools that can be utilized to realize your new project. At Port 15 Utah, we are experienced in putting together local and state incentives to fully enhance your expansion or relocation venture. In fact, many of our improvements help you qualify for State incentives. The development group that manages Port 15 Utah is able to assist in putting a package together that is based upon criteria that is similar to the State of Utah and Cedar City. We will assist your team in putting together all of the necessary information to qualify for the different options that apply to your project.


Everyone says they can get your project through their processes fast. Arizona calls it “streamlined regulation”, Colorado mentions “expedited permitting”, and California will not even try. Nevada has a “fast track commercial development process” with just ten steps. The first four steps only take a combination of 120 days, 180 days, 4 to 6 months, and then 3 months. We could not find time limits on the other six steps.

Port 15 Utah and Cedar City have a true fast track process. With the right information in place, we should be able to get your building permit in two weeks. So when we say, no one has a true fast-track permitting process, like Cedar City’s process, we are not just bragging, it is a fact.

Cedar City understands the pace that which businesses need to operate in order to compete in today’s world. Cedar City’s process allowed Charlotte Pipe to complete their 147,000 SF building in seven months. That was complete from design, to permitting and then to their occupancy certificate in just seven months.


Home Depot received their building permit in one week. It is amazing how this community will work with you to get the job done, instead of getting in your way. Let us show you what a real fast-track incentive looks like.

Port 15 Utah will deliver you a site and building in a surprising amount of time. Our group is ready to get your project off to an incredible start. Let us show you why a Port 15 Utah location can truly benefit your business.