Port 15 Utah

Your premier rail-served industrial property in Cedar City, Utah

Port 15 Utah is a 540 acre, rail-served industrial park that is fully developed with high capacity industrial utilities, Union Pacific rail service and trucking to Southern California in only one day.

  • Port 15 Utah is dissected by a track made for heavy use, that is twenty-one miles in length and is severely under-utilized
  • The capacity for growth is not available in any other western community
  • The capacity to enter into inter-model operations is there for the future
  • Port 15 Utah is a catalyst for smart growth
  • Port 15 Utah is a large tract of land able to work with large manufacturing, distribution and warehousing projects
  • All of Southern Utah, Southern Nevada and Northern Arizona utilize Port 15 Utah’s Union Pacific branch
  • Greater rail use takes the stress off of roadways
  • Presently more than 60% of all goods are shipped by truck
  • Port 15 Utah offers other alternatives to truck traffic
  • Port 15 Utah is supported by a great workforce The people here want to work
  • Ability to offer non-rail users a great location with covenants & esthetics